Sunday, November 8, 2009

Were on the Road to Nowhere

Yesterday I was in Daniel's film, click me! that he's making for a class he's taking with Stanya Khan and it was totally fun and awesome. Paul, click me! was Daniel's assistant and poor Paul. What you can't see in these stills is the giant tree I climbed up in the park and proceeded to get stuck in. I got really panicky and teary and the job of getting me down fell on Paul, literally. I am no delicate flower and I grabbed the scruff of his shirt for dear life and then scratched and slid out of the tree, my legs and arms kicking and grasping at his shoulders until I landed on him with a giant thud, almost snapping his neck. If you've seen Paul, and you've seen me, you can understand why this was unforturnate for him.
Later that night Sarah and i went to the carnival in Eagle Rock and rode this amazing carny ride I thought was going to break. Why do all carny's a) have accidental brilliant stylz and b) all sound and look like they arrived via time machine from New Jersey 1986?
Cathy and I then had ihop on her couch. What a great day! Yeah for friends, yeah for life. Lechaim!
ps, my camera is still broke ass busted. soon soon. Paul took these. ps, why does Pandora think I like The Cure so much? I really really, don't like the Cure. What I would like is to imagine a world in which I've never heard the Cure before so that if I were to perhaps hear them for the first time I could have my mind explode. I can imagine that that's what the experience might be like. Unfortunately, even the first time i 'heard' them, I could tell I'd already heard them too much. Le sigh. We can dream. psps, I really really want to buy Nick Kent's new book, it looks awesome.