Thursday, December 17, 2009

I lie in my bed

So almost immediately after posting yesterdays gloom fest I felt like a big pity me ungrateful fool. So in response to that total brat fest I thought I'd post a bunch of things that make me feel good and smile. Even this Sugarcubes song which I've loved for so long, despite it's somewhat intense lyrical narrative structure. Really, Bjork? Really? We'll, if that's how you roll, I guess that's how you roll. I've always liked the colors and the melody and of course her voice, I just pretend it doesn't spin into a gendered knocked up fairy tale. Know no evil, hum no evil. Yay, life! Or Lechaim, as my Hanukkah homies say.

Cathy and I and a couple other peeps met up at Barragans in Echo park for drinks. This is me and my hiena.

My thesis class got together at our professors house, the great Matias Viegener for an end of semester potluck and it was one of the nicest times I've had at school yet. I really really lucked out with my class. I feel closer and more connected to everybody's work. We have forged a community. Ahh, school, you've done me well.
Pretty lady Saehee took these, of course, she's not in them!