Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm Back!

I went to my favorite secret thrift store in the desert on my way back and scored all of these ridiculous finds for no fuckin joke, $15 bucks. God bless Palm Springs thrift stores and the fabulous trannies who run them.
One of my besties is in Europe, another one of them is in Texas, my man friend is in NY and another one of my besties is heading that way on Wednesday. I plan on cooking a long belated birthday dinner and serious bro time hang with the Zog, shedding goodbye tears to Lia, getting coffee/catching up with Stacy at least once, going to Paul's B-day for at least an hour on New Years, and then spending New Years with/seeing Sascha(?)/Kate(?) at some party to rock in the 010 -perhaps Deckards? And beside that, catching up on my HuffPo and Weekly crap. When all that is done I am going to lock myself away in the office, turn off my phone and spend the next two weeks working on my novel. I'm going for 50 pages. I am going to fucking put myself on a 500 a word minimum day deadline. I've never done it before but Steve Erickson swears by it. At this point I need a miracle so anything is worth a try.

P.S! I was on Feminist Magazine on KPFK on December 9th. I have no idea how to upload a podcast onto this blog here, but if you are interested in listening to it, here's a link to the show. It was the December 9th one. The whole show is great, but if you just want to hear me yap about music and sexism and then pull a George Carlin and say the f word on live radio, then scroll to the 24 minute mark. clicka here!
psps u have to look up the show in the little scroll box. If this is a no duh, sorry, I stared at it awhile completely confused.