Friday, January 1, 2010

Love and Rockets

Happy 2010 and happy birthday Paul!!!!!
So Paul turned 26 and Sascha and I headed over to Paul and Daniel's for Paul's b-day. It was schweet. I love Paul. Then we zipped over to Michael's New Years bash. I hope everyone had a good one. Remember, don't make any New Years resolutions cos they won't come true, just like sayin 'I do.' Aww, I've always been a romantic.
But seriously, instead of setting ourselves up to fail with 1950's TV dinner style letdowns- I mean, who are you? Your mom?- lets spend the year being pleasantly surprised by the unexpected!
Lots of love, fun and skepticism to you in the new year. Lechaim!

Emily under the influence of the great agricultural corn god 'Tostito.' Some people got a little stoned.

ps Cathy, Heather, Charlotte, Sarah, Stacy, Nicholas, Athena, Kate and everyone else I couldn't kiss inappropriately last night while hopped up on the Bull, you were sorely missed.