Friday, January 29, 2010

For shits and giggles

I have writers block- I'm at a coffee shop trying to write and read some heavy theory- so why not two posts in one day?

This is the greatest Roxy Music song ever written. It's PERFECT.

Jedi Nights.

These are the best rock critics going right now who are not Greil Marcus-because he's in the cannon- duh! People who I read voraciously and try to emulate. Of course every critic has their own voice and that in essence is and should be a rock critics signature. What makes a good rock critic is their unique view and history. Unlike other media criticism, art, dance, film, et cetera, music, rock n roll, hip hop et al, depends squarely on the critics own relationship with music and how they got to a place where thats all they wanted to think about listen to write about. It is a strange dance the reader must do in order to determine if this is a voice they can trust.
These people I would trust with my record collection. I buy anything they tell me to and think deeply about the issues they bring up, that perhaps, this lil o rock critic hasn't thunk bout before.

Chris Ziegler- Number one most underrated rock critic in the ZE WORLD. Also one of the smartest people I know. He has like zero interest in fame and yet still manages to be a megalomaniac recluse.
Creedance Clearwater Revival, Os Mutantes, Sparks, The Zombies, Charlie Louvin.

Jessica Hopper- Best feminist rock critic writing about issues pertaining to culture and gender. Most unapologetic feminist critic writing with a feminist 'slant' in non 'feminist pieces'.
Mika Miko, No Age, Jane's Addiction, Hole, Sonic Youth, David Scott Stone.

Sasha Frere-Jones- Most appropriately lauded critic. Good for Sasha. He is a terrific writer and one of the only reasons I buy the New Yorker.
Wu Tang, The Jackson Five, old U2, Django Rienhardt, The Specials.

Daphne Carr- Doing the hard work of making people care about rock criticism. Also an amazing writer in her own right.
Nine Inch Nails, Kraftwerk.

Ann Powers- The professional. She heads up the LA Times music department.
Not sure, she writes about everything!

Jay Babcock- A true believer in the power of peace, doobies, records and mind expansion. I can't keep up with this guys integrity. I mean, he says what's on his mind. People should read him more.
Diamanda Galas, Lavender Diamond, Bright Black Morning Light, Neil Young, Frank Zappa.


2007, taken by the talented Marianne.