Monday, January 11, 2010

I Love Myself!

And you should too!
After all, the world is filled with amazing people like Cathy!

Who does funny things!

And is great to be around!

And buys trampolines off craigslist that are too big for her car!

That's always worth a smile.

The world also has grilled cheesies!


and spud tacos!

iced teaaaaa!

red vines! they're vegan! really!

grilled cheeesums from a diner. with a pickle! what else can you ask for?!

7-11 sluuuurpeee! Good people are born every day, like today in fact!
So smile, be happy, don't worry, you're beautiful right now, without having to do a thousand things to your face mind or body. All the birds and flowers bloom because you breathe. Literally, your oxygen keeps them skipping along. :) Relax, enjoy.