Sunday, January 31, 2010

Daydream Nation

In 2007 I wrote a review for my Live From New York column of a Blonde Redhead show I went to but didn't actually watch. You can read the posted review below. If you click on the images you can read them better. Today I found that concert on Youtube. It's crazy because during this entire performance I'm leaning against the red brick wall behind the band on the outside of the pool, listening to the entire thing. Tix to NY were purchased today. I cannot fucking wait! March is just around the corner. <3

Also, anyone who says Kazu can't shred, I implore you to watch this. Girlfriend is badass. Forever one of my favorite bands. Anyone interested in reading an interview I did with them two years ago click here!

Sammy and I also went nice neighborhood hiking and dreamed about the future. I'm pretty positive things are changing in a big way for a lot of people very soon. I'm no psychic but as I get older things start happening faster and the wind is definitely blowing all strange.