Monday, January 18, 2010

You Think You're a Man

A few thoughts on pubes:
Ladies, if you want to go through all the, in my opinion- totally ridiculous pain of waxing it into a little triangle, then by all means, please. Seriously, if it gives you an xtra swish in your step, then strip away, honestly, feel sexy, be powerful, otherwise, WHY? Don't let the rest of the world make you feel like this is something you need to do. Why? Fuck them. Fuck the man. Keep your shit the way god designed it. You don't need hot wax ripping at your most tender flesh to satisfy societies hetero normative ideas of what your pubes need to look like. Dudes, if you don't like it au natural, you know what? I'll come over and wax your nuts for free. Can we start a giant movement called, oh I don't know, feminism, where we tell every asshole advertiser that he can take his ideas of what I need to buy to feel beautiful and shove it up his ass?
Ladies who feel this is an essential part of being feminine, ask yourselves, seriously, honestly, ask yourselves WHY? Why do you feel this way? When did you start to think this way? Do you remember when it happened? Go back and try to remember. Write it down the best you can, read it back to yourself. Out loud.
Don't worry, if you wash, you smell fine. If you've got a brain and love yourself like you should, heh heh, he will like you with or without a bush. TRUST. Think about it, getting some, versus not getting some. Oh well, looky here, look who doesn't mind pubes so much after all. Do you really think normal every day dudes have pussy being thown at them so much that they can be picky? Dudes who do, and accept, have emotional problems you don't want to deal with anyway. They're insecure and secretly hate themselves. You're not too good, no one's too good for anyone, but you're more emotionally mature. They'll get tired of being in pain someday and hopefully get help, if not, knock on wood for them, no pun intended. But don't let them drag your perfectly beautiful bush into it.
Dudes, so pubes, if you're a man, why look like a boy? Leave that shit alone. I don't want a barbie doll dick. Eww. Leave it like god made it.
So yeah, it bums me out to see the Man have so much control on people around me who I love. We can't transform our society into an anarchy state, but we CAN transform what we think about beauty and in turn that transforms what the man tries to sell back to us, and at the end of the day, what the next generation of young people thinks. Lets try anarchy one big thought at a time. Let's challenge ourselves.
I went out this weekend and had all kinds of fun. A mushroom convention at Machine Project, Scoops made mushroom ice cream. Woo hoo! Sayer curated a really cool show at Eagle Rock Center for the Arts. I also saw some crusty punks at Women of Crenshaw. Oh man. That's all I have to say about that.
Nick and I went to Echo Park and visited Stacy at 826LA and then went shopping in the park. He bought a boombox with a little TV. Were going to watch telenovellas on the beach. I'm buying a convertor box for it.
Then last night was 5 Points, I don't have any pics cos I was busy hostin with Kate, but I'm happy to report that it was amazing and each reader blew me away. Then today I spent hanging out with wonderful Lia. This was a really lovely, spectacular weekend. Thanks to all the buddies who shared it with me.

trees were climbed!

It rained and my office looked magical!