Wednesday, November 3, 2010

American Trilogy

As much as it might seem dark and hopeless right now, good things have come in the past from the midst of frustration, anger and disbelief. All at times when we thought it couldn't get worse. This country is all kinds of fucked up, not even taking into consideration the people who have been stepped on, wiped out and used to get where we are now. That aside, we are also a country of loving, compassionate, wonderful, intelligent, capable strong willed individuals, despite our flaws. I'm typing this as much for me as you, dear readers. After all, this country made jazz, coca cola- neither of these things I particularly enjoy, but still!-we line soup kitchens to feed our poor and when we are the poor, we still pause to give thanks, I'm not being corny!! It's true and we know it, we have made beautiful art, erected amazing universities and institutions and in the past admitted when we needed help, or were the first to rush out and offer a hand to those in need. We have opened our arms to the idea of personal freedoms, when we work, there's no one else like us. I have always loved, deeply loved American culture, all its fucked up flaws included. Andy Warhol and I have that in common. Anyway, don't let a few scared, backwards, moonshine fucks give us a bad name. And lets not be be like them either and hate all people that look or sound like them, after all, Elvis is of this country and I live and breathe and go to work in the same country as the great, now dearly departed King. Is there anything so beautiful sounding as the voice of Elvis Presley singing gospel? I am not a religious person, well, I might be Unitarian if push came to shove, but that's something else entirely, Elvis loved god, his country, and all the little children and he moved a nation with his velvety goodness, with his simple belief in human solidarity. He sang for all people, at all times. Lets move gain, forward and onward, oh yes, in the name of Elvis, tonight I go on.
post script: if you are a religious person and you do pray, pray that all those before mentioned homophobic, racist, misogynist confused sad fucks, pick up a book, read it, and learn a goddamn thing or two. The worst part is, iced tea was and always has been my favorite beverage, lately, i find myself ordering coffee. Lets drink tea again, lets drink tea and not be ashamed!