Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back to Business

"I'm just twenty-two and I don't mind dyin."

Time to put away the personal platitudes and portraits and get back to the business at hand. The amazing, fierce, smart as a smart can be, critic of all things that need to be critiqued, music/feminist warrior Erika Anderson aka EMA is back, sans her badass band Gowns -r.i.p- with her new project, AWE and let me tell you, this stuff is crisper, more cutting and cleaner than anything she's done before. It's as if her vision has been funneled and reduced to a super potent potion. One drop goes a long way.
click here for two unreleased tracks from her upcoming EP
California (Boys) is AMAZING.
Here's a snippet of the music vid that is forth coming, by Erika. But click the link for the entire track.