Wednesday, December 29, 2010

From the old timey vault

Googling yourself is like masturbating, everyone does it alone when the door is locked, so lets all just get over that right now. Okay, so I found this earlier while jerking myself off. It's from 2005. I'm honestly a little embarrassed by how much wittier and cleverer I was back then. Maybe a wet brain really does do a writer good. Oh Gawker, Dr. Mishkin, New York, what a dream.

And just for shits and giggles, I offer this absolutely mesmerizing interview with Leonardo Dicaprio conducted by Daisy Fuentes that disolves into this incredible cringe ride that alternates between total rudeness, flirtation, mutual dislike and then absolute raw sexual chemistry and then peters out into a clip of young Leo being straddled by a 90's actress blonde. The best part? When Leo mispronounces the name of the films screenwriter and then checks his watch on air. All the while Daisy refuses to play the apologetic ninny, holding her own and even taking the last shot. It is riveting, riveting stuff.

After Basketball Diaries young Leo played Rimbuard. Whatta wanna bet he's got some dusty, nineties notebook scribbled with bad poetry? Like my man Katzban likes to say "Someone telling me their favorite poet is either Bob Dylan or Tupac Shakur is like if I said my favorite Blues singer was Jim Belushi." ps, thats a link dummy!