Saturday, December 4, 2010

No Wind, No Rain

Funny lady, Rachel.

College was awesome for many reasons, one of them was getting to know amazing people who shared your same interests, challenged your ideas and inspired you to work harder and be better at what you do. I made some great friends in undergrad but none of them has offered me this rare opportunity to push myself more than Rachel. Aside from being styley, fun to run around central park with, get bbq on the upper west side with or smoke a bowl with on a Brooklyn balcony, she is fiercely smart, talented and most of all an incredible writer. In school we both loved music, talking about it, listening to it, walking through Diana Ross park and singing it. We have had similar trajectories. It's just fun to know someone who is after the same bones as you. We have remained in touch as I went off to Cal Arts, and she got on the No. 1 train to Columbia. I'd like to think we have gained strength in having an ally and someone in our corner. That is why I am so so so excited and proud to know her this week. Her piece on Jay Z in the New York Observer is so brilliant it makes my head spin. For real, it's already gotten rave reviews and kicked up controversy in the few days that it's been out. Adam Wilson at BlackBook said this the day it came out:

Anyway, click here to read the entire thing, you won't be sorry.