Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's A Violent World

Silence equals death is not a joke. The irony of David Wojnarowicz being censored in a show about understanding the 'other' experience is even more stupid and infuriating. Literally, its stuff like this that makes me not want to step foot out of my house. It's disgusting and ignorant that certain people in the art world still feel the need to bow to a bunch of hypocritical, most likely closeted, assholes, who are afraid of what might happen if people start to think for themselves, when lord knows they would never ever do the same in return. God save those who twist gods wisdom for their own shitty gain. My god is my childhood dog with sweet breath and my grandfather breaking peanut shells and handing them to me. Censor that, ass fucks.
Here is the video in question. Repost if you can. It's also screening this Sunday at Workspace at 7 pm. 2601 Pasadena Ave, Los Angeles, 90031

Here's some of his art. I really didn't know that much about him until this whole fiasco happened. I certainly knew who he was, but wasn't overly familiar with his style. I actually love his work now and have become quite obsessed with it in the past week. I love his use of color, the southwest, childhood psychosis and sexuality. So in that regard, this gross thing the Smithsonian has done has a dull silver lining, it is exposing his art, negatively in some cases, to people who had never really become acquainted with it. In that way, perhaps, it might still make an impact on how people think and feel, hopefully other people out there like myself will go from just having him be a name in their back pocket to becoming an actual artist they admire, whose work they previously hadn't engaged with. I think these images are beautiful.

This one is my favorite.

David is third from left.