Saturday, November 1, 2008

Camera Obscura

So apparently this year my costume was a little too "obscure" no one knows who the fuck Mommie Dearest is, with of course, the exception of a gifted few -Stacy. I can't help but think had I been at a party of slightly older gay men, or in NY, my pop reference would not have been lost, alas, most people in LA thought I was an abortionist nun, which I guess is risque, but not stylez. I leave the politics to the trunks and asses. In any event, isn't that why we love LA though, because it eats the present, forbidding its own past?

Next year I'm going as the Jonas Bros, everyone recognized them.

For those however, curious as to who the hell Mommie Dearest is, enjoy below. I guess I really am a pre, post gay man. A friend of Dorothy indeed.

Sprinkled throughout: Paul as a phallic extension cord, Daniel as a Dolphin, Katie as a Lobster, Stacy as Angela Chase, Scout as a gansta rapper, Penny and Emma as Paul's turtle, Marquez and the Van Dy Camp fisherman and King Tut as a Halloween Cat.
Sprinkled further is Ani at the Girl Talk, Hearts of Darkness's show at the Henry Fonda last weekend when Frank and Greg rolled into town, and the smell's waiting room, where we listened to Anavan like old ladies, because our eardrums were breaking, while we waited for Hearts of Darkness's to take the stage.

PS. Yes, i know that i am pretty, and so are you, wonderful, beautiful you! I mean, why can't we own it? Let you're beauty flag fly.