Tuesday, November 11, 2008

more geological digging

this is the first shit i was ever addicted to, seriously, like i remember dry heaving in the car because we were stuck in traffic and i was going to miss this shit. literally, nose pressed against the passenger seat window fogging up the glass with panic.
watching it now i got a little tingle in my down there parts for joey. woah! before High Life, before Boones, before beadies, weed and led zepplein, even before the doors, there was this amazing jazzy little thing that filled 45 seconds of each week with delirious happy psychosis.
when i finish writing this essay, i will never ever breath the name axl rose again, at least for five years.

And while were at it, here it is, the source of all my youthful affection, i wallpapered my room with his posters. I guess not alot has changed, im still a sucker for curly brown locks and big brown eyes, in fact i never realized it till right now, but a couple of my x boyfriends look like joey russo (ive had the good fortune of dating some exquisite looking men- on a side note, because of this, i only date like, once every three years). actually this song is not as bad i was expecting my older musical listen to be, its sort of better than most of the pop on the radio today. im not sure if that depresses me.
i think i still dance like this.