Tuesday, November 18, 2008

we are spirits in the material world

Athena came to visit for a long weekend and let me tell you, wow, what an amazing time we had. since I've left NY Ive had a hard time trying to reconcile my experiences there. now that I'm back in la, those five years seem like a dream, a dejevu to a place i might have been. a commercial on the superhighway of my life.
but as soon as i saw Athena's face at the airport it came rushing back in a thunderous wave, i realized that the city itself is not what had left an impression, it was the faces, the friendships and people that i made and met. Chinatown and its pungent smell, chasing footsteps down the tiny sidewalks, hot, sweaty, under the moonlight, drunk, shouting and laughing, calling for heather and reaching for laura's hand in a crowded bar, dancing on tables on Halloween, sitting on the jennifer leather couch with the harrigans, yelling at the tv screeen, ducking into yolas with buddy and alice to get burritos, every little thing you do is magic. i miss my friends, i miss ny. when i woke up on monday, the morning after taking athena back to the airport i half hoped that when i opened my eyes id be in my small room at 113 maujer, wrapped inside a sheet burrito, freezing cold because we cant afford the heat in winter, leon at the foot of my bed, warming my legs, heathers voice dancing in the hallway, her boots clanging the wooden floors, the door slamming at the bottom of the stairs, her cell phone conversation trailing down the street and bouncing into crisp air, where it stays, frozen like a memory. i really wanted ny today. i think it just hit me, im not going home, im not on vacation, i live in los angeles. i felt very homesick today. i felt very far from my life.
BUT the past weekend was awesome, we went to the machine project thing at LACMA which was amazing and I was introduced to the magic that is lasagna cat, which, if you dont know what it is, please do yourself a favor and check it out, we went on the ferris wheel at on the santa monica pier and walked along the sand, we also saw a truly pornographic, not right for kids to watch trapeze artist, whose package was on display in a see through white sock. he also looked like a total tucker max, frat boy douche bag, the whole thing was very bizarre. we drove through hollywierd, visiting graumans chinese theatre and the wax museum. and then we went to the prop 8 protest, which was emotional and huge. and too much food to mention. it was a time indeed. and finally after she left i took a photo of my office at sunset, in all my writerly life, all ive ever wanted was an office with a window, thank you los angeles, everything happens for a reason at the right time.