Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Its only seed

So I'm posting this for no particular reason except that i heard it playing in the Rite Aid earlier and I got all tingly and misty. This movie seriously is like, one of the most amazing musicals, rock docs, divine miss m performances and odes to janis joplin EVER. There are so many things about this movie that make it near perfect, most of which is this song- pure restrained, controlled, difficult to sing, musical theater genius. this song is insanely difficult to sing. I hear this song and wish i hadn't stopped singing or started smoking, or even turned into a fucktard, i used to be able to sing this fairly decent.
This movie makes me think of hee haw, we watched it the first year we lived together once we finally got a tv and dvd player. on the couch, under a quilt, snuggled away from the harsh snow, and we didn't look at each other or talk, and let each other wipe our tears in private. when it was over we went to our rooms and never spoke of it again.

One more thing!
Lisa, one of my best friends and arguably my most successful friend (it really depends on your definition of success)Made this most adorable little stop motion film as a promo for her 08 lines.
Since I'm all nostalgic for NY I went trolling the internet for her stuff, trying to see how much more expensive her clothes are then my entire years worth of rent. When I first moved to NY Lisa let me stay with her for three weeks while i got adjusted. I slept in her bed and on the couch while her and Sofie furiously worked day in and day out putting together Vena Cava's first and debut fashion show ever. I think about it now and we all just so insane. I am forever indebted to the kindness of Lisa.

Here's a photo of us back in the day, both of us on the brink, me of turning into before mentioned fucktard, and her, a multi millionaire.
Ah, dreams, they take us so far.