Friday, September 4, 2009

Love is a Banquet

So my job continues to astound. I was paid to go see Patti Smith play last night at the Santa Monica Pier. PAID. I feel like I live in some alternate reality I accidently stumbled into. I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm bragging, I've spent the past decade clawing and scratching and submitting and starving and borrowing and hustling to get here now. And I'm still not done. So, I guess I didn't really stumble. I'm guilty of a lot of things but I'm a hustler for sure. It's good to see the fruits of labor finally materializing. And I'm sure to some people my job doesn't even seem that exciting or anything worth jumpin up and down about, I mean, I'm not a respected academic, or famous, or lord knows rich, but to me, it's a dream.
The show was AMAZING. I went with Sascha and Jessie Goldhor, maybe the funniest, snarkiest brother sister duo in all the land. Man, good times, or as we were shouting as we sleepily fell out of the car last night, "Best night ever!" Oh summer, don't leave. To read my review
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I've spent the past week and half locked in my office interviewing bands for FYF fest, so it was nice to get out of the house. I'd put a link to all that stuff but I'm too lazy, go on and put my name in the search box if you care enough to look. Also, I have a couple things in the actual issue on stands now. Pick one one up. Reviews of Nobunny and Cold Cave.

The Goldhor's only come in one flavor, tall and gorgeous.