Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh the Humanity

Because Stacy is a kind soul she came over to my hermit hole and helped me read and grade essays for my undergrad class. uggghh.
sorry this blog is turning into the den of slack, as lelaina likes to say. i have been doing things and going out a tiny bit but ive been sort of sick and a little bummy and not really into photographing things. plus ive been bz up the wazoo with school.
in any event, because i have been reading so many books and writing so much and and just consumed with literature and philosophy and theory these past two weeks, i thought it was actually fitting to have stacy on the blog. her blog btw is the definitive source for all things literary and sort of the best book blog on the nets. visit it. it ruuuulz.
seriously her blog is amazing and way addicting click here to read it!
Oh I cut my hair! yayayayayayay! it needed to happen. i feel 19. this is the same haircut i had when i was 19. and in alot of ways, i actually feel 19 these days. its strange and i'm too sleepy to elaborate.
goodnight moon.
Of Human Bondage
The Importance of Being Iceland
Hells Angels
Tender Buttons, but only after reading William James's essay The Stream of Thought. It will blow your mind.
A Cool Million
Wuthering Heights- trust me!
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