Monday, September 7, 2009

Smart fingers, smart feet.

It's been a rough couple of days but i'm hanging in there. i have wonderful friends.

it brings out the down home vato in me. ive been country all weekend.

king tuts new favorite place to hang out is in this dust pan.

fyf happened and with the exception of stacy, eric, busy, la record peeps, my kind kind editor and that one ice cream truck, it was pretty eww.

coachella much? in all seriousness though, good for sean, he's a little hustler and he makes magic for the kids.

Daniel and I hung out today and fats and him shared a moment.

and then paul came over

and forced a moment with fats.

then we just watched true blood.

also, should i cut my hair? its really long, longer than its ever been, EVER. i've always had a bob or forties bangs. i've turned myself into a new person these past two years. but maybe thats good and and now thats just me. maybe i should quit trying to go back to a person i think i am and should embrace the person i am now, a hippie with long natural colored curly hair. but then again, i haven't dyed or cut it in a long time and old habits die hard....