Sunday, June 12, 2011

Here ye, Here ye!

Jennifer Leopard is my new band crush.

A consistent fave. I love Katy's voice, it's like butter, and I especially love her sense of humor which is always present in her vids.

You know, I've always been a big supporter of Peaches as a person in the world and of her project. Peaches gets two thumbs up from me, however, I've never actually been a fan of Peaches actual music. A deal breaker for some, I know, but I'm advertising a bigger battle here so, anyway, this new Peaches song, Mud, is amazing. Is it because it doesn't sound at all like old Peaches? I don't know, but if this is the new direction she's going in, well, I endorse this. This video was also directed by the great Vice Cooler. What can't that guy do? I want to commission him to direct a video of me reading my book. I have musician envy.

Are you sick of this song yet? Surprisingly I'm not. I <3 Adele.

Sure, I'm down. Why not? I dig the basic bitches refrain.