Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Boy Next Door

Okay, so I saw Bridesmaids in the theatre twice it's so fucking funny. I can't even begin to describe the amount I cried from laughing so hard. Kristin Wiig and Melissa Mccarthy are my new Tina Fey and Amy Pohler. Not that I don't still LOVE T Pain and Amy Dawg, and I'm sure those two lovely ladies are super psyched that other funny women are getting the spotlight.
Here's an interview with Melissa conducted by the amazing Manny the movie guy who ps, is also AWESOME squared.

If you don't know about Manny click here for pure joy and happiness. Seriously, the fact that Manny is out there interviewing Melissa about her fucking kickass role in a female driven comedy makes my heart sing. Also, Rebel Wilson who plays Kristen's crazy ass roommate also sort of steals the movie. Everyone steals the movie! Don Draper and Kathy Najimy the nun from Sister Act steal the movie. The chick from the office and the other chick from Reno 911 and the chick who was the only person in Get Him To the stupid Greek that I didn't hate, steal the movie.
ANYWAY. I've been feeling rather girl powery lately. One of my bestest friends Alex click here, here, here and here from college came into town for work and it was a most magical brief encounter. I am already missing her beauty and big laugh and covered hand smirk and devious side chuckle. We did what girlfriends do, we got fish and chips, went to a bar- I had a mocktail, but the sentiment was the same- did face masks, drank rose tea and watched South Park, reminiscing the entire time about past episodes we watched together when we were neighbors back in Brooklyn, smoking cigarettes nearing morning, switching to Bev Hills 90210 while her boyfriend James banged on weird drums and keyboards in his music room waiting for our coven of two to disperse. Casa Bonita, Butters, Clyde Frog and so many others.

When I first met Alex we were both at Lang, I was interested in creative writing and feminism and she was interested in public health for women and children and also, feminism. The first time Alex remembers seeing me was at orientation, she says I had bangs. This is true, I did. And also that I talked about being older than everyone and that she wanted to talk to me because she had also lived on her own and was a tad older. We were 20 and 22, respectively. Grandmas, I know. I remember secretly following Alex down the subway to get to Times Square where we had both signed up for modern dance class. I didn't know how to take the train and she was in a light purple leotard and jeans and her hair was loose and she pulled it into a bun while walking down the steps- our school didn't have a traditional campus- I sat at the very far end of the subway car and she was holding onto the pole and I slipped off the train when she did and kept a few feet behind. I had no idea where I was going. When we got there we walked up a long flight of stairs in an old off Broadway dance rehearsal studio. The floors were waxed and wood and it had been at least three years since I had danced or worn dance clothes and it felt so good to be in front of those long mirrors again and to move my body and I watched her move her arms around and she had no idea I was watching. It was an exciting time.
Alex works now for Maila Mills, the most amazing bathing suit designer ever. She makes suits for real bodies and I was lucky enough to be asked to model for her. Malia is a wonderful smart chic rad lady feminist cancer survivor Hilary Clinton supporter positive fashion force. Seriously, I got a suit and is DIVINE. Click here to see her awesomeness.
And lastly, and perhaps most excitingly, two weeks ago I gathered at Masa in Echo park with an army of feminist music critics. It was in honor of many things, solidarity, Ellen Willis, and the east coast one that happened a couple weeks before ours. Just a few of the awesome women in attendance were the ladies who run the LA Rock Girls Camp and Jessica Hundley. It felt powerful and special and all sorts of gooey good feelings swelled up inside me. Especially since some twenty odd years earlier, Ellen Willis, my college mentor Ann Snitow and a group of other awesome ladies gathered together on the cover of New York Times Magazine to celebrate their huge strides for women back then. They laid the bricks for us now, and great women laid the bricks before them. I feel so blessed to be a woman.

Daiana taking our group shot.


Beautiful Margaret! And Evelyn McDonnnel who was just picked to be in Best Music Writing 2011!

The east coast photo. Hey, it's the terrific Ann Powers!

And lastly, for good measure, two of my favorite ladies, Biz and Alice. Shining examples of the fiery flame of feminism. Also, also, a special shoutout congratulations to Jhopps for inclusion in BMW 2011. She's tied with Christgua!