Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dress you up in my love

So like i mentioned in an earlier post I worked retail pretty much from 18 until last year. It was a great way to be around things that visually stimulated me, I could be grumpy- it's encouraged actually- and sit down on my butt alot when the manager was gone reading magazines or using the internet. Plus, my friends wouldn't hate coming to visit - especially when i bought clothes at Squaresville and Buff x- cos friends like clothes too and it's fun to buy your friends crap and split the profits. Anyhow, some jobs were sweeter than others, some required I actually bust my butt and run clothes and some stores were always empty and laid back, these were the chi chi types where u had to get buzzed in and I usually had to brush my hair and look good before I went into the store.
Anyway, in 2005 I got fired from Screaming Mimi's in Manhattan which was fine because that job was horrible, and got hired managing Ghostowne in Brooklyn for Sarah McCormick. Sarah is what I would describe as a 'distracted individual' and would freak out and stay away from the store for days, except to swoop in and throw a giant party every once in awhile, which I really think the store was most known for. Giant sleaze fests that attracted all of Brooklyn, covered the entire block and went until the morning. The store was always empty and I think I sold maybe two things the entire time I worked there. And it was my favorite job. One time the store was so empty I called a bunch of friends and they came over the next day and we had a giant photo shoot, under the guise of posting the photos on the store website as ads. Sarah loved it. We drank beer, played music and tried on all the clothes. These photos are the results of that day. It was really magical. Ghostowne is closed now and I can't help but feel I was partly responsible as I was a bad employee who despite my leisure within the store, would take off across the street to Atlas in clothes from work, to chat Walter and Mark, drink coffee and read magazines, until it was time to go home.
Ghostowne was an awesome store.