Saturday, March 14, 2009

The single Greatest movie ever made

This shit made me want a wolf, a cool newsboy cap, John Cussack and most importantly, to be a train hopper. This is some Bound For Glory greatness. It also made me have wild fantasies about my dad not really being an asshole drinking flower colored cocktails, surfing and riding horses with hot chicks in Hawaii but actually being trapped somewhere very far away like Indiana trying to fight his way to a post office to send me a letter of his devotion, explaining his reason for leaving was not in vain but to steer the country toward some larger political greatness. But alas, he was just in Kauai scarfing down pineapple burgers, building ugly strip malls and spending his inheritance.
Seriously though, my dad's a good time and I was making funnies, he's awesome and I had rad summers riding the rip curl. My fave story about my dad is when my mom had to work on my Kindergarten picture day and he had to take me to school, she laid out a dress and some tights and little Patten leather shoes and told him that that was what I was going to wear, but instead he put me in my favorite dinosaur shirt -from Wheel Inn!- jeans and my red busted keds, that's right I've been rockin em since 1986. She fucking blew her top. But it's now my favorite picture of me of all pictures ever taken. Looking at this now Natty's Pa is a little intense, I learned from the best yo, you gotta be chill. That pic was taken the year I saw Natty Gann in the movie theater. It was a great day.
Why don't they make movies like this for girls anymore? Also, I'm pretty sure Natty Gann is played by Kirsty Singer, one of the peeps in my writing program. It's spooky.

The single greatest photo ever taken: The Journey of Bud Darling- try not to get high from looking at this.