Friday, March 20, 2009

The answer is 'Pizza'

Capri and I went to the Brooklyn Museum today to see the Burning Down the House, Building a Feminist Art Collection. It was fucking badass. Unfortunately they were being photo Nazi's and I couldn't snap any of the kickass work. But we did sneak pics of The Dinner Party, which is in the permanent collection and perfect in every way imaginable. Like Capri actually, inspiring, intelligent, thoughtful, beautiful, wry of humor and pleasantly intense. Capri and I got sort of teary when it was time to part. She showed up on Bedford with Seth Mitter but then he went away and we were left to romanticize our lives with feminist theory, shit talk and good veggie soul food. Then she got back in the car and went back to Pennsylvania. Capri, I miss you already.
I bumped into Alex, went to my fave bookstore and visited Alice at work. It was a lovely day.
I'm also staying at the Maxipad. It's really weird to be here and know that it's no longer where I live. I tried to think of all the people and bands that have crashed over the years and couldn't. From The Rolling Blackouts, to Giant Drag, to Girl Talk, to Vietnam, to Hearts of Darknesses, and all the others in between. It's always been a friendly place. I felt comforted and sad. Heather's trying to move and while I think she deserves a fresh start, a part of me is selfish and wants her to stay, so that I know I always have a place to call home. But we are both heading south toward 29 and it's unreasonable to ask her, while I get to move on, to stay someplace she's been since she was 22. I need to let the Maxipad go. This is probably the last time I will stay here.