Saturday, March 14, 2009

Throwin in the Towel

So I'm blogging about this weekend on Saturday night because i am literally so exhausted from last night that i cant even keep my eyes open.
Carthic is throwing some epic rave that u have to like, call a number to get the location to, just like in the old old days and it sounds super fun but i would drive off the 110 into chavez ravine if i were to get behind the wheel of a car right now. plus i havent been to a rave- a real rave- since 1996 which was downtown at the alexandria hotel, i dressed like alice n wonderland and candy flipped for the first time ever. after that night i decided that i hated raves and was sticking to boones and weed and rockabilly shows. ANYHOO, so im going to blog, eat my bbq tofu and watch this weeks episode of south park and then call it an enchilada.
So last night really was friday the thirteenth because i went to the leamlle at 3 in the fucking morning!!! to see On Holiday play an amazing set, but it was like night of the living townies in that place. seriously, it was like walking into Kaldi in 1998- SGV brats will know what that means. I heard three people discussing the Strands, as in Rachel and Kyle, someone walked up to me and asked if I was friends with Sarah Wang, and someone else asked if I was still at PCC. I was like, no, I got my associates degree in 2002!!! The weirdest part was how excited it made me feel, like, i think enough time has passed that I have Dena pride. Sascha and i were discussing this the other day, she's from the SFV but it's the same thing, big city burbs. you are so ashamed to be from them until you return and it feels like home. i wonder if this is how people from new jersey or long island feel. all four places have dumb accents and stupid architecture. I'm not saying I wanted to hang out with any of the townies, i totally recoiled and said 'i moved to ny for 5 years and just moved back this past summer to go to GRADUATE school' like a million times. The great thing about townies though is that they dont give a shit about grad school or ny or crap like that, they are content to live amongst the palm trees, coffee shops and SP library premises like sleepy sun baked cats, wandering from PCC to Vroman's and back. And in that I am a little jealous, why can't I ever be content? I kill myself for one goal and obsess over it like it will change my life and then it never feels like i thought it would when i get it. Maybe I need to play hackey sack and put on my Kanker Sores CD from jr. high. I did make a new best friend though, i didnt actually catch his name but he's in the oingo boigo shirt and he is acid come to life.

Last night Allison O'Daniel- who looked so cute but who I didn't get a pic of with the flash :( had the most wonderful Friday the 13th pizza party. It was lots of fun and I ate way too much. It was brought to my attention though by Sanya that apparently my camera hates humanity and wants every one to look like shit. Maybe it's jealous of your beautiful faces, huh? But I don't think thats true, I think I take cute pictures, but whatevs, I guess my mega pixels blow or something, so hey, anyone who wants to buy me a new camera- sanya- be my guest! So I apologize if youre a total looker and my camera has turned u into a goblin.

"For Cathy De Cruz, come see what is it? From Crispin Hellion Glover"

cathy do u watch me when im sleeping? or am i only dreaming?

Thursday night I went over to Cathy's house to help her clean her room, which dissolved into us talking and looking at old photos, poking Earl in her cute spots and then of course trying on other peoples glasses. I think she wiped a shelf off. Heather joined us via the power of saved documents and i got to see pictures of her doing what she does best: sitting on peoples heads and being an ass.