Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We'll play your junkyard!

So Chris Kissock -O.G poodle #1- and I have started a band, it's called 'Little Kid Sick'. He plays the drums and I play the castanets. Our album is called 'Emergen C' and we'll play your junkyard for a cigarette, a cup of hot peppermint tea and a tangerine. Check back in ten years for our greatest hits album, 'Sick Bag'.
We are currently auditioning people to be our tambourine player, you must- listen to music in the car way too loud, smoke too many cigarettes and have a general depressed disposition. Oh, and you should be able to pine over one person for marathon amounts of time without loosing interest or moving on. You must be above average looking but surprise people with your utter lack of physical confidence, kind of be a dick and like really fucking gnarly songs.
I also spent the most lovely morning in the Valley with Sascha getting rubbed down and then coffee. She has the most amazing little house I've ever seen! Seriously, she dragged all that furniture up into that little tree! True skill. The place is charming beyond belief and the view from up there is astounding!
I fucking love the Valley. For real.