Monday, March 30, 2009


So dude, this weekend was for real. It was fucking looooong and i didnt even do all the stuff that was going on, like the harry houdini house party. i seemed to see everyone in the city of los angeles, but didnt spend any QT with swang. boo. we were on different schedules it seems. ah well, theres always every day for the rest of our lives. hey sarah, scrabble this week? we must goss.
-be jealous charo, dotty and peter, i went to the midnight screening of the room!!!!! i definitely have cancer! all must go see to truly understand, it is unexplainable.
- katie and i kicked it at a loft music jam that had a string quartet! then we ate potato tacos. i love kt herzog man.
- katie also threw a giant music party at her house! josh callahan played. it was the epitomy of adorable.
- kate, josh, cathy and i all saw the homosexuals and the silver apples at the echo, to see what i thought of it click here!
i saw charlie at the show and that was a treat beyond treats as i so rarely catch a glimpse. la records man behind the scenes, the man that gets things done if you will.
im going to puke or pass out now, not sure which.