Sunday, March 22, 2009

coffee mug full of butts

I have mush mouth right now and im totally exhausted, so rather than write a long contemplative reflection of whats been going on im going to make bullets. like in highschool.
- Laura and i went karaoking and burned the house down with Hunger Strike
- I visited K and her amazing girlfriend Nicole. They are domesticated and adorable. the fast lane misses you K!
-loafed around the house with heather, baking cookies and making sour cream n onion dip. we then smoked like an entire pack of cigs and had a dance partay in the living room.
-saw alice's improve show in long island city. alice is a GENIUS! and basically will be on saturday night live in 5 years tops. you can quote me on that, im her new agent.
- met a new friend by the name of mr. meowagi.
- still haven't been into the city.