Friday, March 6, 2009

Nerd-illa's In the Mist

For some people it's Comic-Con, others D&D, tattoo conventions, classic car shows, indie music fest's, Disneyland and the Ren fair. And of course, there are the Trekkie's, the Porno-philes, the Furries, the Civil War Reenactors. For me, it is music journalists. I geek out on music theory, music writers, ethno-musicology, the new journalists of yore. I collect old Creem and Crawdaddy magazines. Lester Bangs is my Lou Reed and Ellen Willis is my Patti Smith. I spend more hours with my nose pressed into some music crit book than I do actually listening to music.
I hoofed it down to 826LA to rejoice with my fellow nards at the beauty of singular vision. Stacy was working the door and snuck me in for an evening of pure dorkery.
Then we went to formerly Thai Elvis and watched the most amazing live music performance one could ever ask for. This woman was a pure gem. A true musical beauty. I'm not being an asshole, she was amazing.