Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ellen and Oprah continue to have balls

Oprah told Rhianna on national television that Chris Brown will hit her again and did a show on domestic violence. A lot of people got pissed at her and said that she was speaking out of line and that it was not her place to do so. However, it was out of place for Chris Brown to beat the shit out of his girlfriend.
Domestic violence is disgusting and an ailment that continues to suck the life out of hundreds of people, I have to admit, I am really pleased and impressed by what these two ladies have done to tell the world that it's not okay, even placing their careers and money at stake.
Also, how gross is the CNN reporter in the Oprah vid who say's 'this drama won't seem to go away?' Drama?! Like what happened is some girl who who slept with her friends crush. Getting beat like an animal is not superfluous 'girl drama' it's a sick fucking tragedy tossed down by a social disease.