Friday, July 31, 2009

Every Single Line Means Something

Summer has turned me into an amateur photographer.

single greatest photo i have ever taken...

ps, i interviewed marnie stern once and she was really boring. good thing she's an amazing musician.
this is coming out and im not really sure how i feel about it. todd p or todd p shows, pretty much are the soundtrack to my life ages 23 through 27. i mean, heather and i wouldn't have a friendship if it weren't for todd p parties. but really.. is this necessary, i mean, so... soon? plus a friend of mine who shall remain nameless said they faked his level of involvement in it. like really, you're going to pretend certain bands love you when really a lot of bands think you're crooked?
i must admit though, a small tingly part of me wants to see it just to be like, 'oh look its buddy! oh look its brooke! oh look its doug! oh looks its aaron, oh look its kasey!' and everyone else who might have lived in brooklyn the last ten years. so i won't judge before i lay eyes on it. plus, show paper is cute, i cant really hate on show paper.