Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's in the water

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Wow, maybe I should keep it to myself! What do u guys think?
Also, the interesting thing about this piece is that it only addresses the physical components of body dysmorphia and the not the psychological ramifications, i.e I'm curious to know what Freedman would think of someone writing about drug addiction or depression. Is it not okay for women to write about these things? I'm torn. I think the article makes a lot of good points, but I also think that not talking about something that is happening is the same as pretending it isn't there, which ultimately leads to more self hate. Believe me, the meanest thing you can do to a human being is to ignore them.
I do agree though that turning your pain into a vanity project is the wrong way to go about solidifying journalistic credibility.
I disagree though that female confessional journalism is setting women back about 50 years. Penthouse, Playboy, GQ and Maxim continuously publish lame brain hogwash articles with titles like, "The Dirty Sanchez" and no one is crying for the state of male journalists. They're still winning Pulitzers and runnin the New Yorker. I think female journalist, REAL female journalists, will survive the 'fray.'

Karen never talked about it. Maybe she should have.