Thursday, July 16, 2009

Une Femme Est Une Femme (SUX!)

Yeah, Jean Luc can choke on a stiff one. You don't have to believe your "intellectual" boyfriends ladies, that shit has always sucked. Watch those movies, REALLY watch them, with fresh eyes and ears. Choose Agnes Varda, if you must.
So yesterday was it. The big awesomeness known as the Mika Miko Jessica Hopper rager at the Santa Monica City Library. Stacy and I also went to the Skylight Reading later that night. I took Jessica to the airport and we bro'd down. Man, it's rad to know cool people. I know that sounds trite, but it's true.
I feel like i drivel on and on and on constantly about what a genius Jessica is and what an amazing soldier she is for the good fight.
Keep fighting, the war is raging in your own backyard! click here and buy this shit!
Just say no to sexism.

ps. if you are curious to read about sexism in the french new wave heres a pretty easy to understand essay that sort of sums it up. jonathan rosenbaum kind of wrote the book on this though. It's an incredible essay called, Sexism in the french new wave- aptly titled! but its super long and heady and you might want your webster's at your side, but if you are determined to get through it, it's quite excellent and one of my favorite essays i read in undergrad, you can google it and it'll come up. in the meantime, this gets to the meat of the thing without the academic hangover. don't u hate those? clicka me puhleaze!