Monday, July 27, 2009

And the beat goes on...

Kate curated an amazing show/reading. Kate is quite the curator.

went to machine project and saw this crazy awesome lecture on the internet and interface technology.

I was in a dance contest! Randy and I have the same shitty camera.

Charlie was injured on the job.

Vietnam has moved to LA. It's like a fuckin diaspora at this point. what's up brooklyn? i'll move back!
dave and mike discuss music.

i was number 15. i almost won but some break dancy kid kicked my ass in the end.

cathy and i had brunch at auntie ems. sooo fuckin good.

hung out with my luvs.

i saw some performance art in chinatown.

laurie came over for brunch. we hadn't seen each other in four years. laurie was the first person to ever publish my work.

some cats that i know. earl's summer stylez is Pet Cemetary. Fuzzy is stoned.