Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Brand New Pair of Rollerskates

So I scored an invite to the amazing Secret Shop run and owned by the amazing Kitty Jensen of the Parenthetical Girls and Lady Choir, who you can read all about in this weeks LA Weekly which will be hitting the street tomorrow (thursday) written by moi.
Anyhoo, this place is like a treasure trove of goodness. The last time i scored this good is when Lucy Finch- sniff, I shed a single tear- was going out of business. I spent a decade working in vintage and high end boutiques- I've never lifted a plate of food or taken a single order- and I have to say, Kitty has exquisite taste in clothes. And better yet, the prices were actually not that bad. I mean, I too could probably go out and scour the city for deals, but I'm getting older and lazier and I'm starting to actually, gulp, enjoy being catered to. What the fuck ever. Kitty is also an amazing therapist and great person to be around, she exudes warmth and understanding. I freaked out yesterday because of the heat and went a little off my rocker, later I called Chris and he was like, you need a hobby, and then I remembered that I had one, a neglected one, clothes. So I took myself out to my new favorite store. If you want to shop at the secret shop just e-mail Kitty at
Wow, this whole thing was like a commercial. I swear, no one pays me anything, I paid kitty half my paycheck actually, she should be doing ads for me! Ha! JK. Thanx Kitty for a great afternoon! <3

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