Saturday, August 8, 2009

I won't waste one single day

It took me a moment to post about this because at the risk of sounding cheesy, John Hughes totally altered the landscape of my life. 80's flashback lunch on KROQ in the 90's, going to the mall in the 80's with my sister, sleepovers in junior high, bonding with lady friends over pizza and Doritos, wandering the streets of south pasadena stoned and humming and not ever once not seeing Molly Ringwald's face when any of these magical songs came on the radio. Andie, after my sister, was the first cool girl i ever knew. My whole life is a little bit rubbed off from this movie. From the way I dress, to the music I listen to, to the way my fucking HOUSE and every bedroom I've ever lived in looked, to the people I thought were cool, to the boys I wanted to grow up and love, ahem, Duckie, NOT Blaine. Even loving the japanese lantern in her room and always remembering that when I got older I wanted one too. Even before I fell at the alter of Valley Girl, I loved this movie. I think everyone did, right? It's got the shine.
R.I.P John Hughes. Holy fuck. This summer is really out to get the great ones. Lets all get creative now, there are places in the world hungry for us.

My room in new york for instance, Andie inspiration runs deep. Man, this really sucks. He was such a cool, talented dude who inspired so many girls to be themselves. I'll always hang a kimono in my house John, only I didn't realize till this week, that it was for you. :( He will be missed.