Friday, August 7, 2009

Dude, I'll trade you a banana for your friendship bracelet.

I'm not doing too much this weekend because Heather is coming on Monday and I need to save my energy, because we are going to tear shit up. This is the last couple of days to get things done and let my wallet take a little breather. As I'm sure Hee Haw is going to rip its guts out with all her freakin plans. I CANNOT WAIT!

Cutest couple alert! K and Nicole came to visit all the way from Bedstuy. Hey thanx guys! These two are like a non stop comedy troupe. K basically talked crap all day about New York, her high school students, confused young people- lets just call them that. I don't want no trouble! LFTPG is an open minded loving blog for all folks! But lady Gaga, just know that the two raddest chicks in Brooklyn think your brains are busted.

also, this photo is my new scrensaver

Kate did a reading at the Torrance Museum of Art for this thing I'm sort of hosting. Not sure how I feel yet, still on the fence. Were calling it an adventure. She was awesome, as usual. A literary cosmo!

And then Skylar showed a funny little movie in his loft. It was pretty awesome.
ps click here to read the lady choir piece i wrote for the la weekly. it came out yesterday and is on the streets till thursday.