Monday, August 24, 2009

Get What You Want and Never Want it Again

So I guess I spent this week working, which is just so bizarre to me. Not selling clothes or changing diapers or schlepping Ollie on the L train to Barnes and Noble to read books, but going to shows- for money, and going to a reading I helped organize. Do you ever wake and feel like you took the blue pill? Thats what my friend Mike calls it. I've never seen the Matrix movies so he had to explain it to me but I got the gist- like you wake up and you're like, who the fuck am I? When did I turn into this person I hardly recognize? Like deep down all I ever want to do is get stoned, jerk off and wander the city on foot looking at things and smoking cigarettes and not talking to people, even if I know them. I think thats why I loved NY so much, you can just sort of wander around lost but not lost and everyone leaves you alone, unless you want to be found and then you wander around your neighborhood and you'll bump into ten people in two blocks and have plans for the next month before you get to your front door.
The truth is, I hate talking to people, and I don't really like them very much. I'm very awkward and anti-social and I hide away a lot or move around quickly from person to person because what the fuck are we supposed to talk about? I don't know you, you don't know me. Do you want to suck on my face? No? Then get lost. I mean, not really, but I donno, it's hard for me, even though some might argue that I'm very good at talking, I'm very good at spitting out a lot of shit i don't remember saying and then running away. I will never go for drinks afterwards or remember your name. I'm afraid of you and just want to go home and watch Talking Heads youtubes in which David Byrne sings about all the things I already know. It's beside me as to why I like throwing parties, I guess I like having people swirling around, just not in my direction. This is not my beautiful house.

Emily's in town for a couple days so we saw this amazing lecture at Machine Project about the visions of St. Anthony, then to Sea and Space to see some bands play and then off to Skylight to see Dave. All of these things were highly enjoyable.

I was forced against my will to cover the Sunset Junction Street Fair. It was as bad as it sounds. Well, here:

Luckily these guys let me take shelter for most of the fest and gave me food and drink. In return I got them cups for water and bratwurst and french fries. Per usual they did not want their photos taken. You can read my "awesome" recap by clicking here

I covered the vegan FYF breakfast at the Eagle rock Center for the Arts and it was really the highlight of this weekend. It was just so chill and the vibe was insanely nice. Free tacos and raisin cookies. High Places, Silk Flowers, and Dunes played, as well as David who I saw play for the second time in two days. Incredibly both sets were totally different but equally amazing.

Five Points happened and it was awesome. Jon wore this outfit.

For some reason this picture of Maggie Nelson won't turn. I sort of like that. I'm Maggie obsessed. She was so fantastic. Her new book coming out soon is called Bluets. Ahh, so nice to say and hear.

She. is. totally. electrifying. All I ever wanted when I was fourteen was to feel this angry and now that I feel this angry all the time, its totally boring.