Sunday, February 28, 2010

And Your Little Dog Too

I love the way this movie looks, i love the way this movie sounds. She is perfection and this movie ruined me for all time. She is perfection. Tragic, gorgeous perfection. Oh Judy.
Sorry no bloggins lately, I've been working on my thesis. I'm too zonked to even give more info than that. Please, if you see me in the next few months, don't ask me about my thesis. Seriously, I get grumpy and touchy. I'm doing my thesis reading this Thursday. Vom.
I have been making pizzas though! More than one!
First with Cathy <3 This pizza was your basic badass Margarita. And super comforting delicious.

Then I made one with Katzban. Err, or while Katzban napped.

Seriously, check the masculine sleepy paw and about to eat pizza smirk.

In any event, this pizza was totally tubes and benefited from having been made after the Margarita. I ironed out alot of the kinks. The trick we discovered to crispy crust is that the dough must be rolled t h i n, and then next, we gave it a little butter rub, THEN coated it with flour. Best pizza evers. It had caramelized onions, which Nick caramelized, to be fair, kalamata olives, farmers market mushrooms, goat cheese, tofu italian sausage and fresh sliced basil after it came out of the oven.

Other than pizza a cute pic of Fats napping.

A picture that makes me happy

I hope they are both watching over me while I work. I need creative inspiration.

Me being vain

Sorry this post is so painfully boring. My life is about as exciting as a summer blockbuster, in other words, not very.
Two of my favorite movies.

Hopefully soon I'll have some more interesting things to share.