Monday, February 15, 2010

She Sells Sanctuary

A quick word on The Cult, they totally fucking rule so hard and exist in this small two band genre that can only handle themselves and INXS. They are not New Wave, they are not Glam, they are fucking sex rock. They are the opposite of contrived. They are slippery goodness and nothing else exists quite like them. That's it.


Five Points!!! So amazing.

Saturday night was weird and not entirely my cup of iced tea.

Raymond Pettibon, what in the hell is wrong with you? Seriously man, what is wrong with you? Stick to drawing pictures. Is that hateful and rude? Whatevs, it was rough, man.

Best fwends

Soul rejuvenation

No Cancer FYF benefit. Vivian Grlz, No Age, Wounded Lion, Cowabunga Girls- who RULE!- if you squint.

Darren's Original Plumbing release party

Dawn double fists.