Sunday, February 14, 2010

A daytime amendment

I guess I should clarify, I don't hate on lovers or love, couples are fine, I am one half of a couple myself, I hate on Valentines day. Hard and furiously. All it's ever done is make me sad and angry and stand as a reminder of all the things western society deems valuable. It's a giant, 'in case you forgot, this is what you should be.' It's like News Years but worse. At least on New Years, even if it sux, you're all in it together. Valentines sux, or it's designed to suck, because not everybody is. I have tried time and time again to have nice valentines days with significant others, but i'm always let down. Life happens, the gift trip or romantic idea, failed to live up to my expectations. I set incredibly high expectations for myself daily, it's excruciating and painful, and when they don't pan out, or I feel people don't value things the way I think they should, it crushes me. Who am I, or you or anyone to tell somebody how to qualify another persons love? And also, I've been single on Valentines day and you know what? It's pretty crummy sometimes. Not always, but it has been. And it shouldn't be. Being single is awesome and the reason we feel bad isn't because there is some inner flaw with who we are, but because we are being manipulated by outside forces to feel that there is.
Maybe one day I won't cry on Valentines day, this year, was not that year.
FUCK YOU AMERICA- gettin a little ginsberg on yo ass- AND FUCK YOU HALLMARK.