Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Long Live Gowns!

My favorite contemporary band in the whole world, i.e a band I could actually go see live, Gowns, led by the amazing Erika Anderson, Ezra Buchla and Corey Fogel has broken up. I feel very lucky to know Erika and call her not just a friend but an intellectual peer. One of the reasons Gowns was so incredible was that they were a smart band, covering dense theory based/political and social issues in their music and they weren't afraid to go there. They went and when they did, it was brilliant. I use that word knowing full well what it means. They were tres epic and really, in my opinion, masters at their craft. Their one album Red State is an anti war masterpiece that if you don't own you should. They are not always easy to listen to, but isn't that the best kind f art? Something that challenges you and makes you think? They are droney, noisy, experimental and also totally digestible. Erika, Ezra, Corey, good job making something awesome that will live on forever.
Here's a link to their last recorded song. A 17 minute monster that begs to be differed with. Bye guys! I'll miss you.
last recording
final goodbye
Jessica's touching obit