Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 is Cherry Wine!

im not even going to explain these things, except to say that my outfit theme for last night was extra in a chris issac video. my teeth r chattering from so much redbull and my eyelids feel like anvils. i read all of hells angels when i got home because everyone else passed out and i of course had smoked an entire pack of cigs and swallowed more redbull than is probably safe.
daniel fell down a bunch, grabbed at peoples legs from the ground, tried to make out with his friends, laughed more than ive ever seen a human laugh, then hit his head on a table. it was amazing.
kate broke a glass at midnight and got the nasty dance moves on the floor.
sarah squabbled with a drunkard. her and i drove into the night party hopping and november rain and prince screaming, thanx Jack FM for the most excellent commercial free flashback new years!
someone named rachel detroit who is a dead ringer for joan jett was ON and it all came from a small plastic bottle with something that looked like pink vodka. i might have spied some mysterious white powders. we discussed chinese democracy and she gave me a cigarette. rachel i approve of u as a human, continue on your journey!
paul gellman danced alone with his eyes closed in the corner singing grace jones. josh and i decided that if the apocalypse happens and we all start eating human flesh, paul should be our Quing and Leader. A new title for new times and a new man. to hell with it!
hedi scrambled around his beautiful house trying to save his furniture and records from the massive amounts of people who poured into his intimate dinner party.
jamie and josh started a dance cirlce.
sayer flipped me the bird and was surprisingly pulled together.
sarah and i lost jason in koreatown at a party, my last image of him from last night is being led down an ominous hallway, looking sheepishly over his shoulder.
stacy rolled around on the floor with danial and looked AMAZING.
and paul turned 25. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULIE POCkETT I LOVE U!!!!!
Happy New Year!!!!! Dream Big!

Stacy and Daniel at the beginning of the night.