Sunday, January 18, 2009

Scratch Till You Bleed

New York on the brain, LA in the front yard. I've been majorly ill since Wednesday and it majorly sucks ass. In any event, I didn't get to go out this weekend bummer, but I did get some work done. I bought my ticket to go visit NY in March. Yipee! My soul was craving it. Hence all the 'I miss NY posts' It was hard to be here on Heathers b-day.
AND, please allow me some shameless plugging of my friends, Hearts Of Darknesses is so fly you don't even know. Like, if Kurt Cobain recorded Bleach with a laptop while listening to Doolittle and watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
Frank and co. are fucking killing it.

Listen if u dare, it will slay your brains! Reindeer Style!

A random shot of Sascha from Wildness Tuesday night before I caught my death.

Aunt Stacy came to visit the bad boys from next door. We all four discussed pen pal culture in the DIY scene, homemade haircuts and dye jobs and how sometimes you have to open your arms to the crusty punk. Oh, and Zines. Being with Stacy is like being in the womb.

Uncle Zack came down from Portland to visit the kitties!