Saturday, January 31, 2009

He said She said

Chris say's that the Clash is a cartoon band and that the Ramones are the real thing.

I say the Ramones are a cartoon band and the Clash the real thing.

It gets heated. It's like Bangs vs. Willis. In the old days when we were first becoming buddies we would have arguments that would go on for hours and end with me like, making p&j in the kitchen and screaming into my cell phone, Heather doing dishes or watching TV or something and me like throwing the peanut butter knife against the wall and screaming "FUCK U YOURE WRONG!" and then he'd hang up. Heather would be like, "Ohmigod, are you alright?" and i'd be all dopey smiley biting into my sandwich, like, "I love Chris, Man."
Anyway, I think we might both be right/wrong on this one cos I don't think it's about cartoons, I think it's really about robots and Gary Numan has everyone beat on that one.

Anyway, Chris is my spirit guide/spirit animal now, it works best that way, plus I know it really annoys him that I call him that. And i know he's going to blow a fucking hemorrhoid when he sees i blogged about him. he thinks im soooooooo immature. WHATEVS!
In any event, he is the new music editor at City Beat and the absolute most talented unsung hero of musical journalism. A real editor and a talented man. The music culture of LA owes him a big o'l debt. Punk Planet, OC, LA Weekly would not be as shiny if Chris hadn't worked his grumpy patoot off. And of course his raison de'etre, LA Record.
He also hates Lester Bangs so I wanted to be sure I included a picture where I compare them. And Ellen Willis is just the bomb, so if u don't know who she is, you should look her up.