Sunday, January 11, 2009

"do as you feel"

So first things first. sarah is back from mexico. praise lord. i missed her.
Friday was Julia's cone of power show, it was really quite amazing. Paul and Daniel weaved in it. When they told me Julia was going to have weaves in her show i immediately thought fake hair and got REALLY excited, alas it was beautiful yarn weaving, which of course, worked best in the end.
saturday josh had a birthday! happy birthday josh, it was a pretty sweet gathering at his house where he is constructing this amazingly weird ford model t out of found brass and bedposts. it was super awesome. josh's birthday also had the distinction in my opinion of having the best party snax outside of kates birthday, although, i have sneaky hunch the snax were provided by kate.
then saturday morning was spent with stacy, thrifting, noshing, and smack gabbing. no pictures were taken. swept up in the lazy fun of morning.
then cathy and matt came over. it was matts 29th birthday! yay! happy birthday friend! we partied till the sun came up, well sort of, me not so much, but king tut has adopted matt as his new owner and loves me none, he was consumed with his hair and wonderful boy body smell. king tut is a sucker for a smelly pit.
cathy played homemade movies of her friends doing fashion style advice inside of st. vinney's. it was like tmz and the wonder years all at the same time. cathy is my new favorite person.
matt makes me miss brooklyn, he has the vibey vibe. its so funny, i remember going to see him play at the warsaw with heather in like 2004. its a small world.
i miss brooklyn. i could go for some moto house eggs. fuckitz, or diner root veggie suckatash its sunday, afterall.
this ones my favorite cos its quiet and not like their other stuff. although i do like the puppett rock opera that they did at the bienniel. what can i say? im a fan.

"i got my sweater at express fair and square!"

jamie if u read this, ur the bomb, 1999 high school football stadium style.!

happy birthday!


midnite birthday!

the new look for 2009: slash erotics

i saw patrick there though! i hadn't seen him since ny. patrick saved my life when i was 25. that is for real, not a funny. i returned the favor by taking this horrible picture of him. he's very talented, humble and handsome and my photography skillz do no justice. i <3 patrick.

rachel and papi chulo! the tiny creatures opening was insane and a little not my thing. dare i say it was KRAFT-y? It was still fun though.

ps, im blog retarted and dont know how to make the photo descriptions line up. sowee.