Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'll stop the world and melt with you

I did so much shit this weekend and i forgot my camera for most of it, mostly because Ive been blissed out on charlotte. charo made it down to la and we've been romancing it since she got off the plane. oh charo charo, o secret soul lover, if only life could be so sweet, if only i didn't, to quote chris krous, love dick.
Adam and and Julia had an awesome party. Then Charo and I went to see the Louis Buogeous (sp) show at MOMA before it closed. We also had a totally fucking freaky experience with some scientologists. Dont mess. they will melt your skin off. Literally.
Saturday night i went to usc open studios, chinatown and sanyas birthday. no camera. but good times were had and i got to see hecuba, my new favorite fucking band.
i also had a girls only dinner with sascha, sarah, cathy and katie. it was amazing. paul kept trying to spy on us, and the most hilarious thing is that we really talked about all the stuff guys think girls talk about. plus we had an impromptu poetry ready, which went splendidly. the saga of michael jackson is no match for art. i missed kate though, hurry home from your writerly pursuits, your friends miss u!
Also, not to repeat myself, but Hecuba, HOLY FUCK, best live band ive seen in i cant remember how long.

Best moment of the weekend: Daniel doing Don't Speak by No Doubt at Kareoke at All Star Lanes. It. Was. Epic.