Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Brain Cell: "Can You Hear Me Now?"

So a million years ago in what I like to call the recent past, before I moved to New York, where I would eventually go to college and spend the majority of my twenties thus far, I lived in LA. Well, duh, but i don't mean high school, I mean I lived in Highland Park actually, half a mile from where I live now in a converted basement for $435 a month. During this time I worked in every vintage store west of Vermont and simultaneously worked on staff at Strength Skateboard magazine doing music features and pro interviews, it was, blurry, to say the least. I did get to interview Nikki Six though at his clothing company, where he told me every day when he thinks of drinking, he just visualizes his wife's fake tits -he said this, i shit u not- and then he doesn't want to loose his sobriety. I nodded in sympathy then turned my head and took a drink from my purse flask. I didn't share his fake tit problem. Anyhoo, many tables were danced on and many alleys were puked into and lots of homeless people were scared by my friends and I trying to dance with them. many drug dealers were not charmed. basically, I was a giant asshole and blight on the surface of humanity. It's good to be young, I'm happy to be semi old.
In any event, I was going through old scans looking for an article I wrote around that time and found these, who knows why i decided to scan these ones and not the others. Ah, to quote Jessica Hopper, 'the old timey time.' Man, fuck the early 0's.