Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mangey Sunsets

I have cats coming out of my ears. This is my daily wake up call. Marlowe at the window scratching at the glass for breakfast, I defy anyone to find a more irritating sound. I have to hand it to him though, it's effective.

Adam had an opening at workspace, it was awesome. It was a pitch dark nature adventure with candles. Very cool, it smelled excellent, like Christmas, candles, the forest and drippy water.

We then went to this five thirty three thing downtown -i think thats what it was called- i only took this picture cos it was the same o'l people i see all the time. you know, a bunch o' silly artists in some silly outfits playing at not being silly.
Life has been easy since the new year. not much to say. im poor until the 14th, living on a diet of miso soup, tangerines from the yard and iced tea.
Ragged hopes and mangey sunsets. The days wind down at an early hour and the quiet of the evening takes me inside. I feel like this.

Below is one of the first songs that ever scared me, like gave me nightmares. I didn't buy Dirt until I was 17 because I was so scared of this song. I saw the video at my babysitters house, it was playing in the background while she was giving me a makeover, which I think consisted of intensely stiff aquanet bangs swooped into something she called the "banana leaf" and some sort of hyper color shirt with one of those hard loop ring things you'd pull the end of your shirt through.
Anyway, I remember being in her room and the video for man in the box came on and i almost pissed my pants.

Also, I have new neighbors and they're super cool and from Georgia and they're a wee bit older. They are so Petula Clark, REM, B52's, eighties Atlanata Bruce La Bruce Funtown hotness. I think I might peak through these peoples windows. I'm a little star struck at their pure hot searing coolness. My new neighbors slay me.